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ProRider Knoxville

We had a great time. Great Coach! I highly Recommend everyone in Knoxville take this class.

Jarvis K. -Road Glide Ultra

I took the Advanced Rider course this weekend and highly recommend taking this course if you are wanting to learn to push yourself and your bike to the fullest limit.  I feel comfortable operating my bike anywhere now.  The instructor also takes the time to make sure you learn.  Thanks Joe and Stephanie, not only has this class helped me become a better rider, I will be furthering my education to the next step.

Colin L.

11/10 I highly recommend this course! Joe is extremely knowledgeable on all things motorcycles. Very laid-back, no stress approach to training, helps ease riders into being comfortable, outside their comfort zone. If you are wanting to refine your skills, this is definitely the go-to place!!

Ben T.

Great Class!  Great Instructor!  Take this course if you want to push yourself to the next level!

Brian G.


There are many things that money can't buy. Love, happiness, manners....etc.  However, money CAN buy skills training for handling your motorcycle. Pro Rider Pittsburgh is the absolute best way to gain those crucial handling skills that you may not have even known you needed.  I have taken this class 3 times in 2 years, and I plan to make this class an annual event. BJ McMullan and his talented group of professional Police Officer and EMS Responder instructors never fail to instill skill and inspire me to push further on my nearly 1000lb motorcycle than I ever thought I could. If you think you can, you can. No matter what you ride, the best investment you can make is learning how to ride with the pro's!

Jason M.

After more than 40 years of riding motorcycles, I took this course and came away with more confidence than ever. Some of the skills I learned were things I had already been doing, but it was nice to learn why and the physics behind it.  I plan on taking the course again, to both improve my skills further but also just for the enjoyment of it. I highly recommend it to anyone that rides.

Paul R.

This day was one of the best days of my life and one of the best times I've ever had on a bike. If I would have had a full-face helmet on I would have been giggling, but I tried to keep a serious face. It was so freaking fun. The confidence I felt was indescribable. I want every one of my motorcycle riding friends to take this course. You will not believe what a difference it will make in your riding confidence. I cannot explain the feeling of getting the bike low and slow. And when you make it through the course a couple times without hitting a cone... you feel like a Boss. I don't want to have to challenge my friends to do this, but I'm gonna challenge you all (you know who you are). Right now I can ride circles around you, literally and figuratively, and I am happy to prove it. The best part is that I feel safer than ever on the road because of it. Do yourself one of the biggest favors you can if you ride. Sign up for one of the upcoming ProRider Spring or Summer classes. It is so beyond rewarding. It's not even about looking like a Boss when you ride (you will though) it's about putting it to practice naturally, having total control of your bike and being safe. But it is so damned fun to0!

Chuck B

I completed the ProRider Pittsburgh class today. I went into the course thinking it would be a fun afternoon and a way to brush up on some motor skills. It was all of that but so much more. It was more challenging than I ever thought it would be. It actually felt like work. The courses presented to the 12 riders were designed to teach new skills that can help in everyday riding scenarios as well as life saving maneuvers and braking techniques. As I climbed onto my bike at the end of the class I could feel every one of the eight hours. I rode away with a smile on my face that reflected my new found confidence in my vastly improved rider skills. I highly recommend this course and plan to take it every spring as long as ProRider Pittsburgh will have me.

 J.R. Higgins

If you really want to learn how to ride your motorcycle safely and effectively, I recommend that you train at Pro Rider Pittsburgh. You will learn techniques utilized by working Police Motor Officers and Paramedics. BJ and Jeff are talented beyond belief and excel at teaching the skills that you need.

Dean J Balouris 



Want to learn how to handle your bike like a Pro?  Take this class! BJ and his team can assist you in learning skills that could one day save your butt or at least your chrome.  Planning on doing this again next year...

Fred R.



Thanks for a great session yesterday.  After watching some ProRider videos online, I thought that there was no way I could ever do these drills like that. My bike was too low, too long and too heavy, and I just wasn't that good of a rider despite 15 years experience.  I gave it a shot though, and boy was I wrong!  Using the techniques you and the other instructors taught us, I was able to do things on my bike that I never thought possible.  I still can't believe that I was able to do the Double 360 and the Iron Cross  I feel safer and more confident on the bike now, and I also picked up a lot of great riding tips that will keep me safe when on the road.  Believe me, if I can learn to do these techniques, anyone can.  If people are hesitant, they should just sign up and come out, they WILL become a better rider.

David Schneider

Yahama V-Star 950

Just home from my first ProRider Pittsburgh, Advanced Rider Course.

What a day!

The course is a progression of exercises designed to begin with the basics and layer additional skill sets throughout the whole day.

The lunch break discussion among the riders centered on how difficult each exercise "seemed" the first few times through, but had become second nature as additional challenges were presented in succession.

Imagine if you will, having the opportunity to spend time on a course with an expert who not only rides for a living, but also teaches others who ride for their livelyhoods.  Enter BJ McMullan.  His demonstration of each exercise is textbook perfect. His coaching is patient and effective.

I made some new friends, exchanged contact info with other riders. I fine tuned some basic skills. Corrected bad habits. I gained some new skills that may one day save me from injury.What a day!

After a couple months of practice, I'm going back for more.

Joe H

I completed the ProRider Pittsburgh course yesterday, but was too tired to post until today! What an eye opening experience... it was a tough but fair test of skill and learning. The gentlemen that taught the course were patient and professional to the max, and set the bar high for all of us there. My fellow riders were a great group to be around, and I hope to see everyone safe and riding out there soon. All the best to BJ and Jim... and thanks again for one of the best experiences I have ever had on a motorcycle!

M. Van Buskirk

BJ and Jeff are fantastic instructors. No way you don't come out of their class a better and safer rider. Best bike related money I've ever spent. Correct that, Invested is the right word for the training you receive from these guys. Sign up for their training. YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!

ProRider Pittsburgh

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